Friday, April 29, 2011

Pushing the boundaries of Infrared

I was out today location scouting for a shoot I have this weekend and naturally I too the infrared camera. The location will be fine for my needs, but I did get some good looks from the processing afterward. This first one reminds me of how Mars might look (if it had wildflowers):

Probably not so good for fashion, which is what I'm doing on Sunday, but it a good point of departure for experimenting with landscapes. What I also like about it is that it has a completely different look from what most people are doing with infrared.

The next look reminds me of a Stephen King book cover, it did take a little bit of Photoshop to get here, but not much. Mainly it was to reset the sliders so I could push the Clarity and Recovery sliders beyond 100%.

And last but not least is a preset I made to use with the B+W 489 filter, but I applied it to a shot without using the filter. I really like the airiness of it, will probably concentrate on this look for processing the shoot.

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