Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More delays in Infrared Conversion

After waiting for another week with no feedback from Pro Camera Repair in San Diego, I was frustrated enough to send them an email on Friday asking what the delay is. A few minutes ago I received this reply:

"Focus adjustments are very delicate and very time consuming. In addition to the focus adjustments we are replacing the filter which is on order. Please let me know if you have any questions."

So here's the point of this blog post, and something that has been bugging me recently. Never fall into the trap of assuming that the person you're speaking to (or in front of), knows less than you about a subject. This also applies to assuming other people don't speak a second or third language based on how they look.

In short, a simple mistake can ruin your chances of making a good first impression and landing a client. In my case, I could have been been writing glowing reviews and telling all my friends to get their cameras converted by Pro Camera Repair, but instead, I feel I'm being lied to, which is not a good way to bolster ones reputation.

Here's what I think happened: They had never done a IR conversion on a Panasonic L10 before and figured it would be like any other camera, just pull the IR/UV filter and reassemble. But something went wrong, I think the camera won't focus properly without a piece of glass in front of the sensor. That's why when it came back to me it wouldn't focus and now they have parts on order. The "delicate and time consuming" is just a stall tactic to buy them more time.


  1. Any updates Konstantin? I've been considering getting my olympus converted by these guys and feedback is sparse.

  2. Still no word. In truth, I think they had never done a conversion on a L10 before, and messed something up during the conversion, or were just not aware that it doesn't function without a filter in front of the sensor.