Thursday, April 28, 2011

Full Spectrum Infrared with Red Filter

Went to check the mail this afternoon, and found a 72mm Nikon R60 red filter in the mailbox. Time to do some more tests with the full spectrum infrared converted Panasonic L10. With the price of gas being what it is, I just walked around the apartment complex to see what I could catch:

I'm really happy with the way this looks with my standard Lightroom IR preset (which basically just sets a new white point in the scene). It really has the classic IR film look, but with splashes of color that I think work. Here's the same shot processed in B&W, with the contrast bumped a little:

With some subtle(-ish) gradients, i was able to get this next shot in open shade at 1/20 sec f3.5 @ISO100. Overall I think you need full sun for the best effect, but you can squeeze something out with enough post processing.

I also tried my solarize preset to see what that would look like, and the effect still works with the red filter in place.

Lastly, I wanted to see the R60 in full sun against a blue sky, and that's the most dramatic effect yet. Its not much of a photograph, but it demonstrates what is possible.

If you compare this to the shots I too in the same spot on my first day with the converted camera, I think it becomes clear. I'm going to continue figuring out how wrap my head around this whole infrared thing and use it effectively. The preview on the camera really tells you nothing about how its going to look, you have to keep that in your head, which will come easier after a few thousand photos.


  1. what does the preview on the camera look like?

  2. Like this: