Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm still a photographer

Aaaaand I'm back.

I took about a month off from blogging because my life was a bit chaotic and I couldn't focus (no pun intended). I ended up selling my Canon 1Ds Mark II kit so I could pay January's bills, which didn't feel good and contributed to my slump. It also ate up a lot of energy dealing with potential buyers craigslist tire-kickers always wanting to chisel the price down but then not showing up to actually buy.

Even when things looked dark, I never gave up. I knew that I still had the Message in a Bottle project that needed to be done, and that it will likely take a few more years to complete. So quietly in the midst of my self induced storm (I mean really, I could go out and get a regular job, right?), I called up friends, made appointments and snapped away.

You WILL figure it out
Don't go to art school

Don't let the ones who treated you badly determine your self worth

The one thing that helps keeps me going in times like this is the awareness that whether I'm shooting or not, working or not, happy or not, I'm still a photographer.

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