Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The great Infrared Experiment

I'm sitting here with the front door open, waiting for UPS to deliver my camera from being converted to Full Spectrum Infrared. It feels like Christmas.

In truth I don't really know what to expect because although I've seen samples online, I'm not going to be shooting landscapes, and I'm going to try to figure out my own way of processing them in Lightroom.

What it's really all about for me is developing a truly unique look. Start with a camera that sees beyond the human eye's capability, then take the RAW files and create a series of Lightroom Presets that will give me a completely original palette.

In addition, I've ordered a Litepanels Miniplus IR that I'm going to experiment with. Because there's nothing like adversity to breed creativity. In this case, I've bought a light that I can't actually see, so that will be a new experience for me.

I heard recently that goes "It's a steep learning curve, it's a quick learning curve and then it levels off, and then there's a lot of hard work that occurs in the last 5% that gets you to the next level." There's no quicker way to get off a plateau than to throw yourself off.

UPDATE: No camera today. Despite being finished with the conversion early yesterday, Pro Camera Repair wasn't able to ship yesterday. Or today. They promised to ship tomorrow for Thursday delivery. Christmas is being delayed.

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