Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Resolution

One of my New Year's resolutions, was to enter and win more photo competitions. I entered half a dozen the first week when I came upon a competition that has my name written all over it; hosted by Macallan, my favorite whiskey and judged by Albert Watson, one of my all time favorite photographers.

The contest is called Masters of Photography and the theme is "Great Journey". To prepare my entry I pulled down two of my favorite books Maroc and Cyclops, and went through them to reacquaint myself with Albert's palette.

And as I looked through the amazing photos, I kept repeating "great journey" in my head and wondered which of my images conveyed the theme best. In the end I chose this image:

I am a big sci-fi fan and when I took this picture last year, I was mimicking the famous photo Neil Armstrong took on the surface of the moon; you know, the one that goes along with "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

Although it is not my favorite image of everything I've shot, for this theme, I really think Albert will respond to it well. Only problem is the way the contest is set up, only the top ten entries will be shown to Albert for judging, so I need to really hit the popular vote. If you have a minute, please click on the link below and vote for my image. You're going to be asked to log in with your age, then click on the link again and kindly give me your vote.

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