Saturday, January 15, 2011

Laziness is the mother of Invention

Sometimes I'm lazy. I freely and willingly admit it. I'm not saying its a good thing, but sometimes you take a short-cut, and you really do get there quicker. Today I needed to take some flash pics of stuff for my Etsy shop, and I really didn't feel like breaking out the Profoto gear, or even my Canon 1Ds MkII.

My Panasonic GF1 was right at hand, and the 14-45mm is the perfect range for what I had in mind. Sadly the little built in flash will only give me nasty reflections of the flash right back into the camera. Fortunately, my Canon 580EXII flash was right at hand. I looked at the hotshoe, and the foot of the flash, and all the pins seemed to be in matching places:

The next obvious step was to to see if the two actually fit together. Sometimes it looks ok, but doesn't actually fit. In this case, the fit was perfect, the cam lock on the flash even engaged.

The only thing that's left was to see if it the two would talk to each other and actually work. Much to my surprise, the flash fired! It only works in Manual mode (no TTL) and the head is parked in the 35mm angle position, but between the camera and the flash power adjustments, I was able to get a good exposure:

So there you are, two things you wouldn't think work together, but do. Kinda like chocolate & peanut butter.

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