Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to take photos through a Microscope

I just added something cool to my collection of Panasonic GF1 lens adapters. If you're read my old blogs, you already know I have an adapter to use Nikon lenses,  and I have an adapter to use C-Mount lenses.

Now I'm looking to mess around with photomicrography, so I've picked up a microscope adapter. Like the C-Mount adapter, it does not give you a full frame image, but for now it'll do.

Here's the microscope, a student model I picked up for $150, which is a great value considering it costs about the same as a LensBaby.

And this is the adapter, $49 on eBay, pretty simple but it does have optics inside.

Since I've been on a "why" kick recently, here's why I got the microscope. In short I want to be able to shoot interesting still-lifes without going prop shopping every time. And I want to be able to sit quietly in front of the microscope and fiddle with photography.

What I hope to achieve is a series of high resolution photos the likes of which haven't been seen outside a science lab. I want to make them interesting enough that they can be called art. Here's a sample, if you go full screen with this one, it might vibrate for you. Brownie points if you can guess where the eye comes from.

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