Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You can't win if you don't play

I got an email this morning from The Center for Fine Art Photography letting me know I placed in their Portraits competition. The top prize was won by Leo Mendonca, and there are four more honors that haven't been named yet, so all I know for now is that I beat out 2744 other entries and placed in the top 50.

The competition must have been fierce because so many of the other entries are very very good. I feel lucky to be included in their number. These are the three I entered:

I placed with the top one, simply called Chloe. Funny thing is, I shot these in the mid-90's and sort of closed the door on the Travels series. I was going to enter one of my musician portraits, but after seeing Juror Rodney Smith's work, I went with B&W. I wrote a while ago about doing your homework before entering, and it was clearly the case this time; Rodney often photographs people in hats, and I thought it would appeal to his sensibility.

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